Tony Little Scholarship

The WLSA Foundation is a member driven, international education non-profit that aims to bridge where east meets west in international education. It is a joint educational foundation which aims to promote cooperation and academic exchange and culturally broadening programmes between leading associate secondary schools in the world as well as experts in the field of higher education and college counseling.

WLSA believes that all students have the right to receive high quality education. The WLSA Charitable Foundation HK was established in 2016 and since that time has supported 13 students through both high school, and university studies.

With the vision to expand charitable reach, a new scholarship is launched under the guidance of WLSA Charitable Foundation HK. In 2017, the Tony Little Scholarship was launched and named after Tony Little, the former principal of Eton College of UK and the current chairman of WLSA Charitable Foundation HK. Tony Little Scholarship intends to provide opportunity for a cultural experiences to non-Chinese WLSA associate students in need of financial support.

Every year, WLSA hopes students utilize this opportunity for a rich cultural experience. They will have the chance to join an Internship, Exchange, or Semester Abroad Programme in China or the WLSA Student Conference.


Finance Plan for Different Programmes

The programme selected by successful applicants determines the amount of scholarship they will be eligible for. The scholarship consists of the basic expenses the students will incur during their chosen programme.

Internship Programme (Summer)
For the duration of this programme, students will spend 2-weeks in Shanghai working with financial companies. All the basic expenses for students’ time in Shanghai will be covered (host families and meals are arranged). The only expense incurred by students will be their flight ticket and travel insurance. Each student will be allocated approximately 10,000 RMB, and the money will be paid to relevant parties.

Exchange Programme (Winter)
During the exchange programme, students will spend two and a half weeks in Shanghai, China. 10 days of this programme will be spent studying with WLSA Fudan students, and 4 days of sightseeing in this exciting city. All the basic expenses in Shanghai will be covered (host families and meals are arranged). The only expense incurred by students will be their flight ticket and travel insurance.

Semester Abroad Programme (Fall, Winter)
Students will spend 3 months in Shanghai, studying at WLSA Fudan Academy. Students are immersed into a new culture and experience the everyday life of a secondary student in Shanghai. The only expense incurred by students will be their flight ticket and travel insurance. Housing will be arranged, and students will be given a monthly allowance of 2,800 RMB. Expenses incurred outside the allowance are the responsibility of the student.

WLSA Student Conference (Summer)
Students will be given the opportunity to attend the WLSA Student Conference in July. The Student Conference brings WLSA associate school students from around the world together to learn and grow through workshops, cultural experiences, sports, community engagement and much, much more! The conference fee and boarding fee will be covered. In students expressing strong financial support, discussion of covering airfare is an option.


In order to qualify, students should meet the following requirements:
• Attend a WLSA associate school
• Between the ages of 14-17 during time of application
• Excel in academia (i.e. in the top 10% at school or indicates a steady improvement in grades during their school career)
• Possess strong leadership qualities or participate in community outreach
• Express financial need through written statement, in some cases proof of income may apply
• Be a rising freshman, sophomore, or junior (senior class students are not applicable)


If you are interested in applying for the Tony Little Scholarship please send the following documents to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

• A completed application click to download
• Official school transcripts for the past two years
• Two letters of reference from academic staff
• Statement of financial need

Please note that shortlisted applicants will be contacted for a Skype interview.