Tony Little Scholarship

Tony Little

The WLSA Foundation is a member driven, international education non-profit that aims to bridge where east meets west in international education. It is a joint educational foundation which aims to promote cooperation and academic exchange and culturally broadening programmes between leading associate secondary schools in the world as well as experts in the field of higher education and college counseling.

WLSA believes that all students have the right to receive high quality education. The WLSA Charitable Foundation HK was established in 2016 and since that time has supported 13 students through both high school, and university studies.

With the vision to expand charitable reach, a new scholarship is launched under the guidance of WLSA Charitable Foundation HK. In 2017, the Tony Little Scholarship was launched and named after Tony Little, the former principal of Eton College of UK and the current chairman of WLSA Charitable Foundation HK. Tony Little Scholarship intends to provide opportunity for a cultural experiences to non-Chinese WLSA associate students in need of financial support.

Every year, WLSA hopes students utilize this opportunity for a rich cultural experience. They will have the chance to join an Internship, Exchange, or Semester Abroad Programme in China or the WLSA Student Conference.

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Student Council

WLSA prides itself on assisting the students of today to become the leaders of tomorrow through our connected global platform. With this aim in mind, the WLSA Student Council was founded in 2016 to gain insight into our associate school students needs from WLSA events and services.

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Semester Abroad

Take a Semester Abroad with WLSA

Explore the other side of the world with a Semester Abroad at the WLSA Academy Shanghai.  China is the oldest surviving ancient civilization and is rich with delicious food, exquisite art, thriving business and a city that never sleeps.  Choosing a Semester Abroad with WLSA takes the work of going abroad, once you decide to come to China everything from visa, travel arrangements, housing and your programme is designed by our WLSA staff to tailor your needs and requirements.  With WLSA Semester Abroad, going to China is easy! Here’s how:

A Fun Full Immersion Programme

The Semester Abroad programme includes Mandarin classes, an internship with a Chinese business, leadership opportunities inside the classroom, travelling around China and the exciting challenge of living in a new culture.

Connect with International Students and Staff

The WLSA Shanghai Academy is an international school with students and educators from around the world including; USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Korea, Germany and the Netherlands!


Unlike other going abroad experiences WLSA tries to keep the costs as low as possible so you can get the full experience out of your Semester Abroad.

WLSA covers the following costs:

  • Visa Invitation letter
  • Tuition Fee at WLSA Shanghai Academy
  • Food so you can eat to your hearts content
  • Accommodation
  • Curriculum (including Mandarin course)
  • Local Transportation (within Shanghai)
  •  A small monthly stipend is provided to cover food and transportation each month to WLSA Associate school students

Students are expected to pay for:

  • Visa
  • Round-trip Flight
  • Vaccinations
  • Travel and Medical Insurance
  • Souvenirs
  • Processing Fee for non-WLSA associate member students

To learn more details about the Semester Abroad programme please download the brochure here!

Apply Now!

These coveted positions take place in the fall of each academic year and applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Interested in our Semester Abroad programme? Please complete the interest form below.  Successful candidates will be expected to supply transcripts and a teacher recommendation letter:








What extracurricular activities do you partake in?

Motivation Statement (500-800 words):


The WLSA Internship Programme was developed for graduating or recently graduated students interested in working in a Chinese or international firm in China.

  • Are you between 16-19 years of age?
  • Want to add valuable work experience to your CV or resume?
  • Do you get goosebumps at the idea of travelling abroad and experiencing all the facets of working in a new environment?
  • Have a dynamic demeanor and love a new challenge?
  • Have two weeks in June or July to dedicate to an internship in a Chinese firm?

Look no further!  Want to learn more?  Click here!

What does it cost?

For WLSA Associate Members:

  • Zero Processing Fee
  • Round-trip airfare
  • Visa Fee
  • Travel Insurance
  • Money for souvenirs, snacks and other goods

For Non-WLSA Associate Members:

  • Affordable processing fee of $300
  • Round-trip airfare
  • Visa Fee
  • Travel Insurance
  • Money for souvenirs, snacks and other goods

WLSA and the host company will arrange and pay for:

  • The programme and assignment at the firm
  • Visa invitation letter
  • Meals
  • Accommodation
  • Local Transportation

Space for WLSA Internships are limited and participants are accepted on a rolling basis.