WLSA is at College Board

Check out some pictures from our team members, Natalie and Jack, who are currently at the College Board Forum in New York City, USA! 

Stay tuned for more pictures and stories from the WLSA team at College Board.

If you are at the forum as well, please come day hello! 

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#Unfilterednetwork to Join Us In Jeju, South Korea 2018


We will be joined AT OUR 2018 STUDENT CONFERENCE by the #unfilterednetwork, a social media initiative aimed at looking past superficial labels, created by Harvard basketball alumnus Zena Edosomawan and his team.

"Too often in our society, people make longstanding character judgments regarding others without ever taking the time to truly understand them or their point of view. We often allow superficial conversations and lazy labels that lack true substance, to serve as a barometer for our opinions of the people around us. These quick judgement, made without understanding and unraveling the many layers that form the complex individuals who we interact with each day, are problematic. The Harvard #Unfiltered project aims to address this issue by looking past these superficial labels and digging beneath the surface, to get a better understanding of the intricate identities of the students on our campus."


2018 WLSA Student Conference

July 16-21, 2018
Jeju, South Korea 

We are pleased to announce the 2018 WLSA Student Conference will be hosted by the Korea International School – Jeju Campus, an exciting location for students from around the world to join together for a week of growth, social events, excursions and cross cultural leadership training.

Organized and executed by the WLSA Student Council, the conference will engage students through the theme “The Human Condition”, which aims to connect students to their unique leadership voice in a world consumed by constant streams of news and social media and the ability to discern what is real. Students will have the unique opportunity to learn from their global peers.


Registration and Call for Proposals opens December 15, 2017.

#WLSAunfiltered #WLSASC18


Fair Opportunity Project & WLSA Collaboration

college application

We are happy to be collaborating with the Fair Opportunity Project!

Learn more about their amazing cause and founders below! 


The WLSA College Admissions Network provides in-depth guidance around college admissions to secondary schools in our network. Recognizing that this information is important to schools beyond our network, we’ve partnered with Fair Opportunity Project to distribute free college admissions resources more broadly. The hallmark resource is the ‘FOP’s Guide’, a free 70-page college admissions guide that is available in English, Spanish, and Mandarin. We encourage our partners to share these resources with other schools in their own communities and networks.

The Organization

Fair Opportunity Project is an organization of 20 college student and 250 high school counselors compiling free resources for applying to college (successful college essays, free online videos, scholarship websites, etc.). Last year they sent a free 70-page guide to 57,000 public schools that has been translated into Spanish and Mandarin and awarded Forbes 30 Under 30. They have a strong advising team including from Michael Brown (CEO of City Year), Richard Barth (CEO of KIPP Schools), and Katherine K. Merseth (Founder of Harvard Teacher Fellows Program). The resources also got the off-the-record 'good stuff' from Harvard and Stanford's admissions committees and is well-received by educators. Fair Opportunity Project has been featured in Thrillest, Harvard’s SEAS, and the Harvard Ed Magazine.

The Directors

Luke Heine: Growing up in rural northern Minnesota, Luke only applied to Harvard as a chance conversation informed him of its affordability. Starting the nation’s largest Ultimate Frisbee charity tournament in high school, Luke created now one of the biggest webapps in the Ivy League freshman year, summerplaybook.com, a platform connecting thousands of students in 128 countries over summer break. Now a second-semester senior, Luke leads a Harvard VC research team, served as a US-Student-Delegate to the World Internet Conference, submitted a Machine-Learning/Artificial-Intelligence patent application, and was a keynote speaker @ Amsterdam Capital Week on how cities support entrepreneurs/VC.

Cole Scanlon: As the son of a high school English teacher, Cole’s respect for education was instilled at a young age. Growing up in Miami, FL alongside his four siblings, Cole attended a large urban public high school and honed his interest in public service. Cole founded Stride 4 Senegal, a non-profit organization that raised $21k through a charity 5k run to build water pumps and create scholarships. Now, a senior at Harvard studying applied math, Cole has scaled his impact in economic development and education. He initiated his own development economic research projects, including published work, is a part-time consultant for the World Bank, and recently completed a microfinance project in Senegal.

Welcome to our Fall 2017 Intern: Yentl!

Each semester WLSA accepts one or two interns to join our team for real-world and international working experience. Interns that join our team are able to help the office with daily tasks as well as focus on a project that chosen by them based on their interested and how they would like to contribute to WLSA. In the past, we have experienced interns who would like to do market research, programme and event planning, and associate outreach.

Our newest intern, Yentl, began working with us in September, and we couldn't be happier to have her in our team! Learn more about Yentl below! 

Interested or know someone who might be interested in a WLSA Internship in our Amstelveen, The Netherlands office? Click here! 

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Yentl Fang
Rotterdam Business School


I’m Yentl, born and raised in Suriname, studying in the Netherlands and now doing my internship at WLSA! I’m currently in my third year of International Business and Management Studies and will be expected to graduate in 2019! I enjoy working with my amazing colleagues at WLSA and they’re awesome! I’m a native Dutch speaker, and I can also speak English and Chinese! In my free time I like jogging, go out with friends, travel and I love making pasta!

Hear from A 2017 WLSA Intern!


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Each summer students from participating WLSA Associate schools travel all the way to China to gain real world and international work experience! WLSA Internships are for students 16-19 years old interested in spending two weeks in a challenging and dynamic working environment.



One student from our associate, The Lovett School, has shared a testimonial about and pictures of her experience!

"My experience with WLSA's internship program was wonderful! My hosts in Shanghai (family and school) were kind and welcoming. The private equity company with which I worked, Seven Star Capital, assigned one of their staff to teach us about Chinese markets and stock trading. It was a very welcoming environment. The cultural enrichment activities were very fun! My favorite memory is going to Wuzhen Water Town for the weekend and having a big family dinner with my hosts and their family friends and discussing Chinese philosophy. I felt that everyone involved really cared about my experience and made the program a great lesson in Chinese culture and private equity."

-Katie Krantz, 
The Lovett School